Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

STALLS & FOOD AND BEVERAGE CONCESSIONS on the Village Green (The Recreation Ground)

Hello, and thank you for your enquiry regarding the Carnival and in principle there is no problem in you having some space on the Carnival Field.



Both High Peak Borough Council and our own Insurers INSIST on the following and anyone not complying could jepodise the granting of future licenses to hold the Carnival.

A… This Carnival is run on an entirely voluntary basis, and the committee accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury, illness or loss resulting from participation in any of the activities or events.

B…You must have PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE and post or email a copy to the address on the Application Form.

C…Risk Assessment, you must have analysed and considered all risks and taken suitable steps and precautions accordingly

Help, Advice and PLI Policies are available from:

Mason Insurance Brokers
0161 3234300


This is a rough outline of what happens on the day. We arrive early (about 7 to 8 am) and mark 2 long areas where the individual groups or stallholders pitch their stands. We will put the name on some locations because certain organizations, need a safe area. Some people arrive not long after and grab a pitch. Those who arrive later take what’s left. If this seems a little haphazard it is because experience has shown that we can never be absolutely certain who will or will not turn up on the day. So we prefer an arrangement that is flexible. Invariably, some will not be happy that someone else has taken ‘their’ spot. We try not to get involved with these shenanigans.In practice, your position is not a problem, as all visitors to the carnival field walk up the central area anyway and get to see everyone and everything. We do also have a ‘more the merrier’ approach. With Health and Safety and HPBC Regulations the days of “Just Turning Up” have long gone. If you wish to attend you MUST apply and receive approval.  We have become so popular and busy that we really need you let us know in advance that you plan to attend.


The Carnival is busy on the field from about 12, so you need to be ready by then, with the parade arriving about 1pm, and runs to 4 or 5 pm dependent upon the weather. If you are unfamiliar with the Carnival then checkout our website, which will give you a much more detailed idea of the event.


The whole carnival day is organised by a small number of local volunteers on an unpaid basis. It is run on a shoestring. In order to minimise the work required on the day we have decided to implement stall fees. These are set out below. If you are unsure please complete and return the form and we will be in touch to advise you.

We do not limit the number of any type of stall. If you wish to be the only stall of any type please state on application form – this will increase the stall charge you pay to account for us turning other stalls away.

No stall may include another stall within its area. Each stall much have it’s own stand and pay the above stall charge. If we find you are doing this you will be asked to pay an additional stall fee or asked to leave the carnival and this may jeopardise your attendance at future carnivals.

If you have a good day and can afford to, then please feel free to contribute more. It all helps to ensure that we can put it on again. Any monies we have left after paying for all our expenses (toilets, waste removal, entertainment, hire of goods and services etc) go towards a combination of staging the next Carnival and distribution to local good causes.

Charity, Churches, community voluntary stalls £10

Non food stalls £15

Small food stalls (small packets/jars, homemade small quantity produce) £15

Other food stalls £20

Catering/drinks – please complete form to enquire


The Carnival generates much of its income from organizing its own activities and we also have a small number of longtime partners. As such, whilst we welcome inquiries, there are very limited opportunities for new commercial concessions.


In terms of logistics, we strongly recommend you bring all your own equipment. We do not supply covered stalls, tables or chairs (this helps us to keep the costs low) and most people bring a gazebo or frame tent. Toilets and refreshments are located towards the top of the field. NB There is no on-site supply of electricity, gas or water.


We run a one-way system.

ENTRANCE is uphill along the track signposted to Charlesworth Cricket Club and turn left at the top. DO NOT attempt to access the field at the bottom as you are likely to get stuck.

EXIT is down the field and leave at the bottom left. Please do not go back along the Cricket Club track unless you are specifically requested to do so by one of the organisers.

Remember that the Recreation is a very uneven grass field and we often have a lot of wet weather. Be sensible about what vehicles you bring onto the field. Any vehicle brought onto the field is entirely at the owners own risk.


At the back of the stall please, not at the front or side. Try to limit the number of parked cars.


Stall holders should remove all their waste and not use the bins set out for public litter.


Please complete or send separately the details requested on the Application Form (IGNORE THE BITS THAT DON’T APPLY) and return to us and we will be in touch.


Should you need any other help or information, feel free to contact any Committee Member in person or via our contact page, and if you intend coming, please let us know by completing this form. Thank you once again for your interest.

The Carnival Committee
Co: 7 Longclough Drive, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 8HN

01457 861163