Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

2011 Carnival

After a damp morning, the sun shone on the 2011 carnival, and (we hope) a good time was had by one and all. Here are some memories of carnival day (9th July 2011), in A to Z order.

The 2011 carnival queen

The 2011 carnival queen was Laura Noone, with Layla Brown as her deputy and Olivia Winter, Poppy Rayson and Gabrielle Hamilton as attendants. Here are some pictures to remember the day!

The 2011 go kart day

The go-kart Sunday was good fun, if a bit damp – here are some memories of the day:

The 2011 junior and senior fell races

Unfortunately we don’t have any fell race pictures from this year (unless you have some that you could supply?).

2011 stalls and attractions

A sample of some of the activities on Carnival day is shown below:

The 2011 parade

The 2011 parade was bigger than for many years – many thanks to all who made the effort to take part. Some reminders of the day are shown below!

Scarecrows of 2011

The winner of the 2011 scarecrow competition was Rachel Lear (or the entire Lear family – not sure who did the work!). Photos of most of the 2011 scarecrows are shown below:

Well-dressing from 2011

The well-dressing was better than ever – here are some pictures of the various displays: