Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

2013 Carnival

We hope that everyone who attended the 2013 carnival enjoyed the glorious weather! You can now see the results of the various 2013 competitions and events below.

We’ve also got 3 videos of the day itself for you to watch:

Here are a few images to remember the day by, first, a view of the parade…

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival Horses

The carnival queen float…

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival Queen 2013

The parade float competition winner…

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival Where's Wally? Float

Thanks to Clive Easteal for the pics and vids!

When the committee regather their energy, details of the 2014 carnival will be published on this site!

Fell race 2013

The 2013 fell race results aren’t published on this site, as some of the timings weren’t reliably recorded.  We’ll make sure we remedy this next year.

Carnival Queen 2013

The carnival queen for 2013 was as follows:

Position Who
Carnival queen Bethany Winterbottom
Deputy Queen Gabrielle Hamilton
Attendant Jennifer Cadwell

Scarecrow Competition 2013

The winners of the 2013 scarecrow competition were:

Position Scarecrow Who
1 Cravendale: Not On My Watch Pussy! The Lears
2 In The Air Tonight The Allotts
3 When’s Your Dolmio Day? The Cadwells

Congratulations to Rachel Lear and family!

Parade Float Winners 2013

The winners of the parade competitions were as follows:

For the float competition:

Highly Commended – 1st Dinting Scouts.

For walking floats:

Highly Commended – Springfield Farm Day Nursery.


Raffle Results

The winners of the 2013 raffle were:

Position Ticket number Winner
1 10055 Mrs. Colley, Charlesworth
2 11860 We’re trying to track down the winner! (*)
3 7876 The winner donated the prize to carnival funds
4 6479 Mrs. G. Stimpson, Gamesley
5 10792 Mr. Schofield, Charlesworth
6 7247 The winner donated the prize to carnival funds

(*) Unfortunately, one entrant returned the tickets (not the stubs) and failed to write any contact details on them. As they had paid the full £5 Rod (the raffle organiserr) entered them in the draw thinking it unlikely any of them would be drawn.  As luck would have it ticket number 11860 came out as the winner of the second prize!  Rod has placed a notice incorporating a facsimile of the winning ticket in both the Post Office and Peaches and Green.  If no one comes forward before the deadline, the ticket drawer had picked another ticket as a contingency, and this will win the second prize instead.