Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

Bonanza Rules & Procedures of play


Tickets are printed on perforated paper with a stub and a main ticket. All tickets are allocated an individual, sequential number.

Sale of Tickets

Tickets are distributed throughout village shops (willing to sell them on our behalf) committee members and other trusted individuals for sale. Tickets are sold by volunteers on the day of the carnival. Tickets are sold at a cost of £1 each. Upon sale the stub is detached from the ticket and retained by the seller. All the remaining tickets are handed to the purchaser. TICKETS MUST BE KEPT AS PROOF IN ORDER TO CLAIM THE WINNING PRIZE.


There is 1 (one) prize per bonanza draw. The prize is not exchangeable. It does not roll over to any subsequent draws. The prize is half of the monies raised in the sale of bonanza tickets for the particular bonanza draw. E.g. if 50 tickets are sold it raises £50 so the prize is £25.

The prize will be given in the form of a cheque.


All unsold bonanza tickets are to be returned with all stubs from sold tickets and monies raised to the allocated person (usually the treasurer) by 14:00 on carnival day.

All sold tickets stubs will be entered into the draw.

The draw takes place on carnival day alongside the prize giving. This is usually around 16:30.

Where possible the draw will be live streamed via the carnival social media. Where this is not possible it will be videoed and posted to the carnival’s social media pages as soon as it is possible/convenient.

When available the carnival royalty will select a (one) ticket at random. When royalty is not available a member of the public who has NOT purchased a ticket will be sought.

Members of the public may be present at the draw.

Advertisement of the winning ticket number.

The number of the winning ticket will be advertised across social media, shared to other local pages within Glossopdale and advertised in village businesses where tickets were sold.

Advertisement will continue at periodic intervals until the prize is claimed.

Prize claim deadline

The bonanza prize may be claimed at any point up until 30th June the year following the draw.

To claim a Prize

In order to claim a prize you must be the holder of the original bonanza ticket with the corresponding number to that drawn.

Photographs, copies etc will not be accepted.

You must contact a carnival committee member in person, via social media, telephone or email. Arrangements will then be made to inspect the ticket and hand over the prize.